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“I’ll tell you what leadership is. It’s persuasion, and conciliation, and education, and patience. It’s long, slow, tough work.”  Dwight Eisenhower

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Executive Coaching:  I help executives, professionals, creators, and entrepreneurs be more effective.

Leadership has been described as a skill and as an art.  It is also a practice.  Even George Washington kept working at being a better leader.  Experienced leaders may have a wellspring of experience on which to draw, and just need a little refresher or reminder of what they already know they need to do.  For anyone, whether a senior exec, middle manager, or project leader, leadership challenges show up in new and nuanced ways, often where there is no direct authority. Leading with empathy, deploying soft skills, rethinking strategy, are all areas where coaching can help clarify the path forward.

Many professionals feel successful but unfulfilled, overwhelmed, struggling for work-life balance, or wondering where to find the time to get things done. Or they might need a new challenge to regain their enthusiasm for their work. Creators and makers get stuck sometimes and need to reconnect with their inspiration and flow.  Entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses while facing a wide array of challenges.  Coaching can help you sort through the clutter and find your focus.

Privacy Professional Coaching: I help privacy professionals be privacy leaders. 

There are many resources for substantive knowledge about privacy issues.  But advancing in the privacy profession (or cybersecurity, or compliance generally) requires development of an array of executive and leadership skills.  These include:

  • Leading teams
  • Leading teams of teams
  • Leveraging soft power when you lack authority
  • Handling common situations
  • Developing “executive presence”
  • Persuading senior executives
  • Presenting to the board of directors
  • Developing and presenting budgets and proposals for privacy resources
  • Hiring and training employees
  • Education and awareness strategies in your organization
  • Career planning and strategizing
  • Working with external organizations
  • Building alliances

Privacy leadership services can be team events, workshops, or facilitated trainings.  I also coach individuals, whether CPOs, directors or attorneys hoping to advance, or people new to the privacy profession. 

Strategic Planning: I help people and organizations clarify a purpose and a plan to achieve it.

I can help you plan strategically for your individual initiatives or group projects.  I also help organizations develop strategic plans.  Whether providing a short consultation, one- or two-day workshops, for small initiatives or organizational direction, I partner with you to imagine your destination, define your purpose, and plan how to get there.

Personal Coaching: I help people do what they need to do.  I help you be you. 

A coach can help with starting or growing businesses, job searches, college application processes, or simply “re-inventing” or re-launching in a new direction. And of course, coaching can help with finding that new direction.  Maybe you are starting an exercise program, or learning to play piano, or trying to break a habit.  A coach can be an accountability partner to help you stay on track as you learn a new skill or try to change a behavior. 

Public Speaking Coaching:  I help people communicate effectively.

Good public speaking is an act of leadership.  Coaching can help you with developing the content, storytelling, presentation skills, facilitating meetings, moderating panels, or getting over your performance anxiety.